DropN GREY KNIGHT Surfboard Fins

DropN surfbaord fins are designed with high end quality material. Surfboard fins are the base of our company. Surfboard fins were the first product DropN designed and produced. We LOVE these DropN GREY KNIGHT Surfboard fins. We have made these time and time again and have distributed to our team riders.

Honey Comb Polyurethane and Carbon Fiber combination.
DropN Grey Knight surfboard fins Thruster Set. Fin Size: DN5 Medium:
Performance OVERVIEW: Light weight honey comb polyurethane and carbon fiber fins for performing fast tight radius turns. Designed for surfers who love speed, to perform aerial maneuvers or ride tight in the pocket. Recommended for high performance shortboards. Performs Best in 3ft. to 5 ft. punchy beach waves or fast hollow reef breaks.

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